Celebrating 10 years with Cotting School

Celebrating 10 years with Cotting School

Sancta Maria is so pleased to be a part of Project Bridges with Cotting School of Lexington, MA and has just celebrated 10 years of this beautiful partnership with the school whose mission it is to enable its students with special needs to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence.

Cotting School

Ten years ago, Sancta Maria agreed to be a work site for some of Cotting’s students, providing an opportunity and an environment for some of the students to come and work part-time, learning valuable job and social skills.

On the flip side, Sancta Maria has truly benefitted from this relationship over the years, as we and our Residents have been blessed by the help and friendship of these many lovely and talented individuals.

The students have held positions in our kitchen, helping with meal preparation and such. Daniel and Andrew, pictured above, have been working there this past year and were proud to present Sancta Maria with a plaque commemorating ten years of this special relationship and bond.

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