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New Care Improvement Initiative from Medicare

Sancta Maria Nursing Facility is pleased to announce that we are participating in a Medicare initiative called Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative Model 3.

Medicare is using the Bundled Payments Model 3 to encourage doctors to work closely with providers like Sancta Maria who help patients recover after they are discharged from the hospital, so patients get better care following their hospital stay.

Sancta Maria Nursing Facility is working closely with certain health care providers that will provide care following a resident’s or patient’s hospital stay and extending through the recovery period, as well as hospitals in the event of re-hospitalization. This participation means that in addition to providing residents and patients with the same level of high quality care as in the past, we have agreed to a new payment arrangement with the goal of achieving greater administrative efficiency and more coordinated care.

This new payment delivery model is a part an innovation program offered by Medicare.