Wine Social Celebrates Sancta Maria’s New Rehab Gymnasium!

rehab6On June 18 Sancta Maria had the pleasure of hosting a wine social in celebration of the opening of our new Patient Rehabilitation gymnasium.

Located on the 4th floor, the new rehab gym is centrally located for easy access for Rehab staff and patients alike. A nice, bright, and airy space, the gym is a major upgrade, featuring new equipment and big windows, marking the gym as a go to place for patients striving to go home.

Our celebratory wine tasting was well-attended by Physicians, Case Managers, Nurses  and Social Workers, all of whom are true friends of Sancta Maria – and to them we extend a sincere thank you!  Many tours were conducted during the event, and all who viewed the 4th floor were very impressed by the expansive rooms and the many resources that allow us to take care of our patients so well.

For your own tour of Sancta Maria please contact the Admissions Department.

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